Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bookish Roundup - Etsy

Where I search "book" and see what happens...

Kindle Cover - Beautiful Handmade Classic Book Case Range for Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Samsung and Nexus eReader and Tablets. By KleverCase

At USD$43.96 a piece, these seem initially very expensive. Looking further down the page, however, I learned that these cases are made like a professionally bound, hardback book. So besides being durable, you can feel like you're actually reading a real life book!

Tree growing from book, writers, students, teachers - Minimal thoughtful wall art, Laura Sue Peters

While not particularly in the same class as the previous feature, this wall art is sure to turn heads as well. But, enough with the marketing-voice! It's priced USD$15.00+, which I think is a reasonable price. At least, the wall art (and decals) I've seen are all priced around the same. Of course, I know that the last thing I need on my walls is another shelf of books... but it's just so hard to resist!


*Disclaimer: I don't own any of the items mentioned, I wasn't paid to promote them (honestly, if I was, I wouldn't have done so poorly at it). I just thought they looked cool!

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