Moonlight by Rachel Hawthorne - Review

Moonlight - Rachel Hawthorne, cover


Kayla Madison, a seventeen-year-old, freckle-faced, red-head has fallen head-over-heels with Lucas Wilde. Not only is he beautiful - with his silver eyes and multi-colored hair - he's mysterious and protective.

When she was five, her parents were killed; mistaken for wolves by drunk hunters. Convinced by her friend, Lindsey (who she met the summer before and instantly connected), she comes back to the camp. This time, to work. Their first assignments as wilderness guides: to take a professor and his students far into the woods.

On their expedition, crushing, adventure, and danger ensue!


This book was obvious and cliche. It was easy to tell who the werewolves are, however, I couldn't tell where the story was going to end up. This could either be a good thing for the author, or a bad thing against me. The characters, I found, lacked...mature emotion? I can't pinpoint it exactly, but something was off as I read it. I couldn't connect with Kayla, or any of the characters, for that matter.

The writing itself is not horrible, just the characterization. There was back story, as well, that could have more detailed. Maybe that would happen in the sequel?

I though it shrewd to mention this as well: Kayla (seventeen) must choose between Mason (a college grad) and Lucas (a nineteen-year-old). I realize that this might bother some readers. So, if it's not your cup of tea, then warning!

There was also beer (underage people drinking), and a mention of sex. If my memory serves me correctly, there was only one or two swear words. The author did a great job of writing a great story without profanity and whatnot. Pure romance!

Overall, it was a pretty fast read, without much profanity. It started out a little slow but eventually, I got into the story. It's not that hard to do, considering it's so short. Honestly, though, if you're looking for a quick read, this book wasn't that bad. However, if you're expecting something original, you will most likely be disappointed.


Rating: 3/5